Amelkis Lease & IFRS 16 Webinar

Amelkis Lease webinar

Are you ready to enhance your IFRS 16 leases and contracts?

On 2 March 2022, we hosted a webinar on IFRS 16 and Amelkis Lease. The main goal was to show how this Software as a Service solution enhances lease contracts and leasing processes according to IFRS 16. While IFRS 16 was already introduced in 2019, companies often overestimate how leasing tools can enhance the process. 

IFRS 16 is part of the International Financial Reporting Standards, with its main focus on leasing. Before, with IAS 17, issuers and peers stated that there was a lack of transparency. Off-balance sheet leases affected financial reporting, with investors often turning their backs on companies.

Thanks to IFRS 16, companies can now reduce the need to make adjustments in financial statements, create a richer set of information than before (with IAS 17), and provide further insight into company operations and funding. Implementing the right lease tools is the answer to benefit from the IFRS 16 standard fully.

We show you how Amelkis Lease can be your IFRS 16 software solution during this demonstration. With our vast expertise in IFRS, international reporting, leases and communication, we ensure a smooth business transition. 

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If you would like to see hands-on how you can enhance your business reporting with Amelkis Lease, be sure to contact us for a personal demonstration. The Global Connect Consultancy Team is at your disposal. You can request an Amelkis Lease demonstration by

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