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Are you losing Sleep?

XBRL, consolidation, intragroup and lease are gaining importance in the financial world. Do you have the tools, knowledge and strategic expertise to manage this? What if you could focus on your core business again and be assured that you punctually meet deadlines? In the financial world, deadlines should not be the last straw of your stress level.

Luckily, we have the advice and tools to take this headache away. Say goodbye to compliance-related stress and annoyances and welcome streamlined data communication with your team. With our software solutions, your data quality increases, while you ensure compliance regulations and improve the analization and mapping of financial data.

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We want you to be Confident in your Financial Reporting

In a globalizing environment, enterprises should be cautious of changes in regulations and technology. We at Global Connect Consultancy B.V., assist companies worldwide with challenges in financial reporting. Amelkis provides the software, we provide the solutions.

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