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Consolidation is hard work and requires high data quality and a team with the right mindset. At least once a year you need to publish your consolidated financial report. Whenever the compliance deadlines come closer, the pressure is on. Incomplete financial data leads to last-minute stress and a sudden but time-consuming process of fixing the dataset. We all know what happens when you miss important compliance deadlines. So ask yourself this: Is your consolidation process going the way you want it to go? 

A solution to take away the stress and prevent unnecessary costs is implementing the right consolidation tool. Automatization of the consolidation process will save you and your team time and money. However, are you assured that your current tool is corresponding to your desires? Do you feel confident with your existing consolidation tool? Do you yet need to find the appropriate tool?


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A well-known saying is "time is money." While you can earn money back, what about your precious time? Our consolidation software solution has a cloud-based server that is always accessible. Your data is privately stored on your own server. With reconciling and updating your financial data, the software assures that both the PnL account, specific account values and the financial movements get tracked. With the automized function to double-check your inputs, currency disputes and human-made errors are no challenge on the group level. Stop wasting your time and energy now.

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Stop worrying about finding and implementing software that fits you and your company. Global Connect Consultancy B.V. assists companies worldwide with their consolidation processes and tools. With Amelkis Opera, you collect, consolidate and report financial data with ease. We guide you through the implementation of Opera and adjust everything to your business desires.

Everyone wants solid tools and reliable professionals. Curious to discover Opera and explore your consolidation opportunities? Do not hesitate to learn more by watching our “Get started with consolidation” video, or by requesting a demonstration below.

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