While on different ships, we are now in the same boat

Intercompany and intragroup transactions are often seen as separate processes from consolidation. However, the more transactions within your (sub)groups, the more challenging it is to reconcile your intercompany/intragroup outstandings. It can be a challenge to manually figure out the source of the dispute. Imagine needing to manually find the needle in the haystack in thousands of transactions.

Would it not be helpful if you could effectively align your data within your (sub)group? With the intragroup tool, Amelkis InterCompany, you can reconcile your data on invoice level and discover disputes to create financial transparency among your (sub)groups and assure the correctness of the final statement.  Stop wasting time and dedicate your precious time to useful matters.


Transparency is key

Workload and challenges will only further increase if you do not implement the right tools. Ask yourself this: Is your current reconciliation process working effectively for all your subsidiaries and branches? Global Connect Consultancy B.V. strives to increase your data-gathering processes and increase transparency within your company. It is only logical to save time and get assured of correct intercompany and intragroup transactions. Why are you still manually searching for disputes when invoice-level transparency is what you need?

Get started with Intragroup

What if we told you there is an all-encompassing solution for streamlining your intercompany and intragroup data. Global Connect Consultancy B.V. assists with implementing and adjusting the software to the needs of companies worldwide. With InterCompany, you reduce the time of closing accounts and improve the quality of your financial data with ease. Wherever and whenever you are, simply log in to the platform and start taking back control.

Curious about how you can shorten your time of closing accounts by days? Learn more about intragroup by watching our video, or do not hesitate to request a demonstration.

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