Lease & IFRS 16

Sink or swim with your leasing processes

Since January 2019, the IFRS 16 standard took many companies by storm. Many companies encounter difficulties in collecting lease data. Is your financial data complete and accurate? What if your lease portfolio is complex and multinational?

If your lease portfolio gives you a headache, the effective painkiller is investing in the right lease tool. If you do, lessees can enhance transparency and eliminate distinctions between finance and operating leases.

lease ifrs 16

A lease application to rely on

The main challenge of collecting lease data becomes bigger if your company does not have a central tool for this job. If you want to work effectively, you need a place where all your contracts are centrally archived, especially if you have a large volume of leasing documents maintained in different systems by local management. Understanding and collecting your leasing contracts become even more complicated if you do not have standard contractual terms or if they are denominated in various foreign languages.

Get started with Lease & IFRS 16

Put the ordinary contract away and open your lease library instead. Global Connect Consultancy B.V. assists companies worldwide with the management of all leasing process according to IFRS 16. Create or import contracts, visualize financial impacts that matter, and regain control of all your contracts. With Amelkis Lease, you can faithfully report information that faithfully represents your lease transactions. The tool calculates the value of your leased items. For your convenience, you can import your lease data to your consolidation tool.

Say farewell to disruptions in calculating your leasing value. Curious how? Check out our video, or do not hesitate to request a demonstration.

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