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IFRS 16 webinar: Discover how Amelkis Lease enhances your IFRS 16 leases

IFRS 16 came into force on 1 January 2019 and is an International Financial Reporting Standard for lease accounting. While this standard is now three years active, it can be very challenging to navigate when implementing it for the first time. However, implementing IFRS 16 enhances your lease processes significantly. All you need is the right tools and preparations.

With Amelkis Lease, you can effectively manage your contracts, analyze financial impacts and automate the process. Together with Global Connect Consultancy’s expertise in leases, contracts, IFRS 16 and IAS 17, you can expect a smooth transition and long-term succes. We know what companies can expect when dealing with international accounting standards, intercultural communication and leasing. With our IFRS 16 webinar, let us show you how

In 20 minutes, we would like to explain to you:

Date: 17 March 2022

Location: Microsoft Teams 

Price: Free    

Time: 13:00 – 13:30 CET

Language: English

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